Getting Our Instagram On

Newsflash: We love photography.

We are strong believers in art’s capacity to connect, heal, and communicate; and we feel photography is one of the most accessible art forms us regular folks have to choose from. We recommend you use any (and every) camera you can get your hands on. In fact many of you may have your hands on one right now…your phone, duh.

Given such a recommendation, it’s kind of surprising we were so late to the Instagram party; especially because we love anything that allows people to commune and share. Photo’s + sharing + community = happy place. Lake Oneida

I’m embarrased to admit, part of our reticence was a general lack of understanding about how to use it. Despite it being pretty user-friendly, we’ve had many a head scratching conversation about how we Just.Don’t.Get.It. We’ll blame it on cultural lag.

I guess I’ll also admit, until recently, I have been kind of a camera phone detractor. I mean, when they first hit the scene they were pretty crappy. As far as I was concerned they were really only useful for taking kissy-face self portraits and/or to capture things you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to on the fly but would like to be able to show your friends and family – like a funny sign or a cute chipmunk or something.

Then one day I caved because..well…the iPhone 5.  Also my regular camera is big and heavy and I usually have to carry 10 thousand other things, like small children and lattes. Anyway, I became a camera phone/Instagram convert; it’s ridiculously convenient, you always have it with you, and it has the capacity to take great photographs! Who knew? Teenage girls taking kissy-face selfies…that’s who.

Okay so back to the subject at hand, ‘What’s Your Grief’ has started an Instagram account but we’re still trying to figure out the in’s and out’s of using it as a blog (as opposed to personal use where Instragram basically sniffs out all your friends for you). We haven’t been able to find many other sites like ours using the platform but we really want to start a community. We need all you Instagram users out there to help us. Who are you?? What are your user names?? Leave them for us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter so we can follow you. Obviously, we’d love for you to follow us too.

Click the badge below to follow @whatsyourgrief on Instagram


20130730-231242.jpg20130730-231259.jpgAsh St GardenbutterflyIn memory of Mr. Charlieclouds

Don’t forget to leave your Instagram user name below in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter so we can follow you. Oh yeah and subscribe to ‘What’s Your Grief’ to receive posts to your e-mail in-box.

April 12, 2017

3 responses on "Getting Our Instagram On"

  1. Good article and ideas.
    Instagram: @UCLAgrad

  2. Very cool!
    instagram: cecifrost

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