Friday Favorites: October 4, 2013

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It has been a long week, so I am not even going to try to craft a respectable intro.  It’s Friday.  Here are some things we liked from around the web.  Hope you like ’em too.  And if you don’t, did I mention it has been a long week?

Suicide and the Art of Boxing

Interesting personal reflection about the guilt and confusion that comes after a suicide.  Gerry Gavin discusses how the documentary Fight Like a Girl, about the world of female boxing, gave him new and unexpected insights into the suicide of his ex-wife.  It is interesting the places we find understanding, and they are certainly not always the places we expect.  Check out the article here.  Then, when the article peaks your interest about the documentary and you’re annoyed that there are no links to the movie, come on back here and you can watch the only clip I was able to find.  You’re welcome.

Parents’ Pumpkin Spice Latte Act of Kindness in Honor of Daughter Goes Viral

You may remember in August when I decided to do some random acts of kindness in memory of John, my sister’s boyfriend who died of a drug overdose, for Overdose Awareness Day (and if you don’t you can check out the post here).  I love the trend of random acts of kindness in memory of a loved one, and this one is especially cool because it went viral and has had a serious impact on raising awareness around epilepsy.  Check out the article then go over to instagram do an #AJO search.  It is pretty incredible!

The Moth: Too Much by Satori Shakoor

I have a small addiction to The Moth, so I have no idea how I missed this story back in July.   The Moth website describes this by saying only, “A woman releases her grief and lets her passion take over”.  Uuummmm that may be putting it lightly, and yet I am not sure what else I can possibly say.  A true story in less than 10 minutes about losing a mother, a son, grief, sex, dating, complacency, passion, hormones, Parliament Funkadelic, and being too much.   Listen to her story here.

His Name is Christopher Robin (Four Years of Stillbirth)

My struggle to find words to intro some of today’s posts continues, because I am just not sure what to say about Celeste’s incredible post on the four year anniversary of her son’s death.  With far too much loss under her belt, Celeste’s insight and reflection on her own grief and mental illness is extremely powerful.  Don’t miss her post on grief on the four year anniversary of her son’s death, and if you loved that jump over to her post on dealing with the overwhelming experience of coping with her mom’s birthday.

Ask a Grown Woman (who kind of looks like a boy)

Rookie magazine has a great series where kids can ask a grown man (or woman) questions about life.  This is the Tig Notaro Ask A Grown Woman.  She is a comedian so, though her advice may not be perfect, it is open and honest and certainly a reminder that we are all struggling through the ups and downs of life.


I have always believed that helping others is one of the best ways we can help ourselves, and after years of working in homeless services here in Baltimore, helping the homeless holds an important place in my heart.  The kid president is spreading the word about helping the homeless too (which is pretty exciting because, and I know this is going to shock some of you, a lot more people watch the kid president than read our blog).  So listen to the kid president and find a way to help the homeless this month.  Can I promise it will cheer you up and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  Nope.  No promises.  But I can promise that it has always helped me.

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