Friday Favorites: November 8, 2013

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Friday is somehow already here.  Check out our favorite grief articles and other random stuff from around the web.

Jonathan Teplitzky and Martin Connor: on Burning Man, Casting & Channeling Grief Into Good Writing

Ten years after the death of his partner, Jonathan Telitzky wrote a film trying to express the grief, chaos, and non-linear life he experienced after the loss.  I haven’t seen the film, but after the interview and tracking down the pretty crazy trailer, it is definitely on my list!

My Suicide Attempt and My Struggles to Get Help

An honest and powerful post on the New York Times War Blog by Thomas James Brennan, a retired Marine Corps sergeant, opens up about his suicide attempt and his challenges trying to seek help.   We hear so much about the mental health struggles of those who have served our country that it can seem abstract and distant.  This personal account is an important reminder about the real people struggling this Veteran’s Day weekend.

Deep Grief: Creating Meaning From Mourning

Interesting article on the different ways that parents create meaning and memorials after the loss of a child.  From traditional memorials to education and community action, a look at the impact this meaning can have on grief and on the community.

The Adventure of Grief: Dr Geoff Warburton

A TEDx talk about life after loss and surviving versus thriving.  This came out a year ago and somehow I just saw it for the first time this week.

Dance Party in the OR Before a Double Mastectomy

This video is making the rounds, and for good reason.  This OBGYN physician organized a dance in the OR before her mastectomy, coordinated with her friends who were holding their own dance parties to support her.

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  1. Marty Tousley (@GriefHealing)  November 8, 2013 at 1:12 pm Reply

    Thank you once again, Litsa, for leading us to these outstanding choices! The TEDx presentation by Dr. Warburton is especially moving, and well worth sharing ~ which I am happy to do! ?

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