Friday Favorites: December 6, 2013

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It’s Friday and I am tired, so let’s get to it!  Some of our favorite grief articles, posts, videos, and other random stuff from around the web this week.

Jimmy V Week

If you have flipped through ESPN you have probably heard that it is Jimmy V Week.  I hadn’t heard, but luckily Eleanor told me about it.  Jimmy Valvano (Jimmy V) was a basketball coach for NC State (though let’s note he started his career here in good old Charm City at Johns Hopkins) and announcer who died of cancer in 1993.  His famous speech made just 8 week before his death, at the ESPY Awards, is one of those videos that would have had 25 million views on youtube had youtube existed back then.  He founded the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research, which continues to raise money today to seek a cure.  So in honor of Jimmy V Week, watch (or re-watch) Jimmy V’s never give up speech.

On the Other Side of the Divide: A Review of Julian Barnes’s Levels of Life

A review of Levels of Life by Julian Barnes.  If you aren’t sure you want to read it, let me just give you a little taste of the first couple sentences, “When I am feeling bad, I like consuming things that will make me feel worse. It’s cathartic and reinforces my worldview, which is essentially that most people/things are terrible and that no one has any control over anything.”

Happy 79th Birthday, Joan Didion: The Beloved Writer on Grief

Yesterday was Joan Didion’s 79th birthday, which was brought to our attention by Maria Popova on one of our favorite sites, Brain Pickings.  I love Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, which she also adapted into a play.  It is crazy I haven’t written a post about it here . . . maybe that day will come soon.  So for Joan Didion’s birthday, I thank her for one of my favorite grief memoirs ever.  Here is Didion reading from the last chapter of her book, the end of the first year after her husband’s death.

15 Of Nelson Mandela’s Most Inspiring Quotes

The world lost an incredible man yesterday.  At age 95 we say goodbye to Nelson Mandela.  Thanks to buzzfeed for this list of 15 great Mandela quotes.


10 ideas for giving thanks, even in the face of grief…

I posted before Thanksgiving that I was struggling with gratitude this holiday season.  I have been in a bit of a funk, to say the least, so this post was a great reminder that there are countless creative ways to give thanks and try to shake a funk.  Don’t miss her suggestions.

A Tribute to Paul Walker 

Though my husband has told me I cannot possibly discuss the death of Nelson Mandela and the death of Paul Walker in one post, I am going for it.  Because, I am not going to lie, the death of Paul Walker hit me pretty hard this week.  Self-care comes in many forms and one of those forms is guilty-pleasure movies.  For me, The Fast & Furious movies are at the top of my list of guilty-pleasure movies.  Don’t judge.  Okay, go ahead, judge.  But we are all entitled to our guilty-pleasures.  Many a rough day for me has been brightened by Paul Walker in an F&F flick.  So I feel the need to share the Fast & Furious official memorial video to Paul Walker.

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