Friday Favorites: December 20th 2013

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Hello internets!  TGI ‘Friday Favorites’.  I’m starting to think calling these ‘grief related’ articles is a bit of a stretch; they’re more like 60% grief and 40% randomness.  But thats…okay.  I have quite a few links so I’m going to spare myself you lengthy explanations.  If they look interesting, go click on them for lords sake.

Don’t Use the ‘D’ Word: Exploring Myths about Children and Death via Canadian Virtual Hospice.  

Our friend Marty of the Grief Healing Blog was wise enough to share this one in her Twitter stream.  This well written article explores 5 major myths about children and their ability to cope with death.

Moving Without Mom via Today

Photos…grief…heartbreaking….I don’t have adequate words.  Here’s the description of this photo project which was recently featured by

When Ben Nunery and his wife Ali got married in 2009, they had just closed on their new house, so they took the opportunity to take their wedding photos in the empty home.

Just four and a half years later, after Ali’s tragic death from cancer at the age of 31 in 2011, Ben and his young daughter Olivia got ready to move to a new house, but they wanted to say goodbye to the old one.  So they recreated these special photos from Ben and Ali’s wedding day, as a way to remember the happy times. “

Kid President’s final video of 2013

Lea Michele opens up: ‘Grief goes with you every day’ via The Business Mirror (of all places)

Lea Michele talking about her life since the death of her on-screen/off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith says, “Grief goes with you every day, whatever you’re doing, when there’s great moments, when there’s hard moments…”  A statement that seems particularly poignant this time of year.

Snooze Button Time Traveler Sets Coordinates For 5 Minutes Into the Future via The Onion

Simply because it made me laugh.

5 Lies You We’re Told about Grief via Rebelle Society

An interesting alternative to some of the watered down lists you’re likely to find about grief.  This one brought to you by writer, Alison Nappi, who describes her endeavor thusly, “I have no trite advice for you. I have nothing prolific to say. I’m not going to tell you to get therapy or accept how life has changed. I offer you this in the spirit of “you-are-not-aloneness” and “there-is-no-scheduledom.” I give this freely from a place of “I-don’t-know-how-you-feel-but-I-sure-as-shit-know-what-it’s-like-to-be-devestatedism,” and “This-is-how-I-feltity.”

J.K Rowling Brings ‘Harry Potter’ To The Stage via

I mean, need I say more?

From the Bowry, Comfort and Joy via The New York Times

Something about Susan Meiselas’ photo essay on the Bowry Santa’s seems comforting and hopeful.  Here’s where she found her inspiration,  “When [Susan] surfaced on Fifth Avenue, she encountered dozens of Santa Clauses working the sidewalks for the Volunteers of America, ringing bells next to padlocked donation boxes. These Santas had journeyed not from the North Pole but from the Bowery. Once a year, they went from anonymous, even shunned, down-and-out men to the embodiment of cheer and charity. (After more than 100 years, the organization ended its Santa fund-raising after last Christmas.)”

The Sorta via Lifehacker

Can someone buy me this please?? This is for all you journalers/people still using paper.

Good Grief: The Psychology of Mourning via The Guardian

“There have been many high-profile deaths in recent weeks of people from very different backgrounds. When you couple this with our online, interconnected society, there are countless examples of people expressing their grief in a public medium. But why are we compelled to do this? And why is it so important to get it right?”

Saying Goodbye to the TV Shows and Characters We Lost This Year via Jezebel

A montage of all the TV characters who have been killed off and  the shows that have met their end in 2013.

Have Yourself a Sullen Little Christmas via NPR

“Less than a week before Christmas, holly-jolly holiday music abounds — and if you’re not feeling holly or jolly, it can be a little hard to take. For NPR Music’s Stephen Thompson and Morning Edition producer Travis Larchuk, the holidays often mean searching for alternatives: In Thompson’s case, it means diversions into melancholy, while Larchuk often seeks something cutting or sarcastic or hyper-realistic to cut through the treacle.”

Whew!  Sorry to get lazy there at the end but the animals have just been dismissed for Christmas break and all insanity has broke loose.


Let’s be grief friends.

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    Bless you both for all the work you’re doing here. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas holiday, insanity included 🙂

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