Welcome to the Special Ops Survivors’ Grief Journaling Intensive. We are so glad you’ll be joining us over the next few weeks.

Journaling can be an amazing coping tool for processing grief related thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Though journaling prompts are simple by nature, those included in this course have been designed around psychological perspectives, coping techniques, and themes common to the grief experience. 

In this private interactive eCourse, participants will be immersed in the grief journaling process through lessons about grief, daily motivation to write, and tips for keeping a regular journaling practice. Participants of this eCourse should be ready to journal, but they should also be prepared to explore and reflect upon their grief and grief related experiences; to learn about grief and coping, and to connect with their fellow special ops survivors.

General concepts covered in this course include: Grief 101; Managing difficult emotions while writing/journaling; Continuing bonds; Guilt and regret; Forgiveness; Loneliness and isolation; Gratitude

Date: This course runs from June 2nd – July 2nd

For questions contact: [email protected]

Course Curriculum

Grief Journaling Intensive
Day One: Class Orientation 00:00:00
Day Two: Getting Started 00:00:00
Day Three: Your Love One 00:00:00
Day Four: Grief 101 00:00:00
Day Five: Found Poems 00:00:00
Day Six: When Writing Hurts 00:00:00
Day Seven: Dear Person Who Doesn’t Get My Grief 00:00:00
Day Eight: What Would Your Loved One Want? 00:00:00
Day Nine: Why Write? 00:00:00
Day Ten: Moving Forward 00:00:00
Day Eleven: Continuing Bonds 00:00:00
Day Twelve: Honoring Legacy 00:00:00
Day Thirteen: Guilt and Regret 00:00:00
Day Fourteen: Love Your Regret 00:00:00
Day Fifteen: Forgiveness 00:00:00
Day Sixteen: Letter from your loved one 00:00:00
Day Seventeen: Father’s Day 00:00:00
Day Eighteen: Loneliness and Isolation 00:00:00
Day Nineteen: What you’ve missed 00:00:00
Day Twenty: Support Systems 00:00:00
Day Twenty-One: Six Word Stories 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Two: Thoughts and Emotions 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Three: Your Choice 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Four: Confirmation Bias 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Five: Dear Friend 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Six: Gratitude 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Seven: Meaningful Moments 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Eight: #WouldHaveLovedThis 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Nine: All Kinds of Coping 00:00:00
Day Thirty: Your Own Prompts 00:00:00

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