After someone dies, surviving loved ones are often tasked with sorting through their belongings.  People often put quite a lot of thought into decisions relating to when and how they complete this job.  That is unless variables beyond their control are forcing them to move at a quicker pace than they might like.

Regardless of how this process is approached – alone or with family/friends, right after the death or years later, over the course of one weekend or one month – it can emotionally challenging and exhausting.  Such a large task may seem overwhelming and objects big and small can trigger a wide range of emotions, from nostalgia and laughter to tears, longing, and frustration.


Course Curriculum

Sorting Through a Loved One’s Belongings After a Death: Webinar Recording Details 00:00:00
Coping With Grief Triggers While Sorting Belongings Details 00:00:00
Working With Family to Sort Through Belongings Details 00:00:00
Tips for Saying Goodbye to a Home and Grieving Places Past Details 00:00:00
Sorting Through a Loved One’s Belongings: What to do with items? Details 00:00:00
Using Objects and Items in Creative Projects Details 00:00:00
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