This mini e-course is an introduction to many of the prominent and popular grief theories. For those who may have learned about grief theory in the past, this is a simple a refresher.  We know grief theory can seem abstract and overly prescriptive to some. However, for those who are interested, grief theory does offer many interesting insights into the experience of life after loss. Also, understanding the history and evolution of grief theory provides context for understanding why society makes certain assumptions about grief.

Course Curriculum

Grief Theory Refresher
Welcome to WYG’s Grief Theory Refresher 00:00:00
Grief Theory: A Bird’s Eye View 00:00:00
Freud and Lindemann Introduce ‘Grief Work’ 00:00:00
Bowlby and Parkes: The Four Stages of Grief 00:00:00
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: The Five Stages of Grief 00:00:00
William Worden: The Four Tasks of Mourning 00:00:00
Therese Rando: The Six Rs of Mourning 00:00:00
Simon Rubin: Two Track Model of Bereavement 00:00:00
Stroebe and Schut: Dual-Process Model of Coping With Bereavement 00:00:00
Klass, Silverman, and Nickman: Continuing Bonds 00:00:00
Share Your Grief Theory 00:00:00

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  1. Excellent


    This course is chock full of information, a great overview, with helpful links and pointers to further research opportunities. Just the right length. Works equally well as a refresher and as an introduction to grief theory. Thank you.

  2. Good refresher


    I found this course to be a good refresher on these theories. The author’s insights provided new appreciation for some nuances of several theories, and prompted me to look deeper into a some less familiar theories and writings. Overall material was presented well, although the audio was a bit low-fi. Thank you for providing this course!

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