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Mother's Day & Father's Day Grief

Episode Transcript Hey, welcome to the What's Your Grief Podcast. This is Eleanor and, as always, I'm joined by Litsa. Hey Litsa, what's new? What's new? I don't know why I shouldn't be prepared for this question. It's like where

Providing Remote Grief Support to Students and School Communities

It feels eerie to walk by the back-to-school section at my local Target. Usually, these aisles would be jam-packed with parents and kids clutching supply lists, rummaging through composition notebooks, and searching for the ever-elusive erasable pen. With schools in

10 Ideas for Funerals and Memorials When You Can't Be Together

Families being scattered, unable to gather for funerals, is not a new thing. And, for that reason, virtual funerals aren't new. Far from it. But currently, with the surge of restrictions for health and safety concerns, we are hearing about them

Love and Loss Entwined: A Holiday Cookie Twist

By Joni Sensel Joni is the author of more than a dozen books—including several for teens—and writes frequently on grief and spirituality topics for Medium. She enjoyed three-and-a-half glorious years with Tony before his unexpected death in 2017. One of

How To Talk To Children About Miscarriage and Stillbirth

We received a question this week about resources for talking with children about miscarriage and stillbirth. Though we have lots of resources about talking to kids about death and grief (you can find those here), I realized we have never

Mary Poppins Returns Gets Grief Right

On the morning that Mary Poppins floats into the Banks' life, it seems like everything is about to go to hell in a handbag—or a carpet bag, I suppose. Twenty-five years have passed since Mary Poppins first visited the Banks

Deconstruction Reconstruction: WYG's Fav New Teen Grief Journal

We are really excited to let you know about a new grief resource for grieving teens that came out this year.  But before we do, I need to make a small confession: Eleanor and I can be a little critical

Talking to Kids About Death and Grief: 10 Comprehensive Tips

If you came here looking for a script for talking to your child about death and grief, I'm sorry, we can't give you one. Your child is an individual and your situation is unique, so what you say and do

Supporting Children After a Suicide Loss: a guide for parents and caregivers

Back in August of 2014, when millions of people collectively gasped and grieved the tragic and unexpected death of Robin Williams, one of our wonderful grief-friends allowed us to interview her on talking to kids about suicide.  We knew from