64 Six Word Stories About Grief

A while back we wrote a post about the six word story, the well-known writing exercise made famous through the legend that Ernest Hemingway was once bet that he couldn’t write a short story in six words.  As the story goes he wrote the following story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”.  The validity of the legend may be unknown, but the power of six word stories is unequivocal.

This week we re-shared this post on facebook, asking for readers to share their own six word stories.  These could be about a loved one, about a grief, or whatever really.  You know us, we like to keep the rules pretty loose.  As usual, we were amazed by the comments that poured in and we were sad to think they may be soon buried in endless black hole of old facebook posts, never to be seen or heard from again.  Trying to delay the inevitable reality that many beautiful things are lost and forgotten, we have captured here just a handful of the hundreds of six word grief stories shared on our facebook page.  Without further ado, 64 six word stories from our amazing WYG readers:

six word story 1 six word story 2 six word story 3 six word story 4 six word story 5 six word story 6 six word story 7 six word story 8 six word story 9 six word story 10 six word story 11 six word story 12 six word story 13 six word story 14 six word story 15 six word story 16 six word story 17 six word story 18 six word story 19 six word story 20 six word story 21 six word story 22 six word story 23 six word story 24 six word story 25six word story 26 six word story 27 six word story 28 six word story 29 six word story 30 six word story 31 six word story 32 six word story 33 six word story 34 six word story 35 six word story 36 six word story 37 six word story 38 six word story 40 six word story 41 six word story 42 six word story 43 six word story 44 six word story 45 six word story 46 six word story 47 six word story 48 six word story 49 six word story 50 six word story 51 six word story 52 six word story 53 six word story 54 six word story 55 six word story 56 six word story 57 six word story 58 six word story 59 six word story 60 six word story 61 six word story 66six word story 62

six word story 63 six word story 64

Disappointed you didn’t get to share your six word story?  No problem!  Share with us in the comments!  Or tell us if any of those shared above really hit home for your.  And, as always, subscribe to ger our posts right to your inbox!

March 28, 2017

115 responses on "64 Six Word Stories About Grief"

  1. You are safe from yourself now.

  2. Jacqueline Brown MilmanAugust 10, 2019 at 6:03 amReply

    He lived a weird , wonderful life.

  3. I miss your Sunday Mexican breakfasts.

  4. Thought 5 years, got 3 months

  5. Lost my biggest fan to cancer.

  6. Ring.Ring. “Hi Mom.” Never again.

  7. I just don’t want to hurt.

  8. Life will never be the same

  9. In case of him…”imagine if”……

  10. “Mary? She didn’t make it.”

  11. Took her last breath, wings spread

  12. My Joker took the laughter away.

    He’s laughing in Gotham right now.

  13. Heart’s dead, vagina’s not. God’s cruel.

  14. He’s reading Harry Potter in Heaven.

  15. I can’t even move his toothbrush.

  16. The Joker killed, Harley is broken

  17. Doc, get me five more years

  18. While she dies, they leave me

  19. The last “love you” never said

  20. Going to leave this Brokedown Palace.

  21. We were on the phone together.

  22. Writing numbers on the calendar. 61.

  23. But I still need you Dad

  24. In your casket, drunk no more.

  25. Peg, you were my happiness Baby

  26. Alcoholism has destroyed all our lives.

  27. I’ll make you so proud, granny.

  28. We laughed, he died, I cry.

  29. I miss you my little vagabond!

  30. I am sorry to inform you……
    (still hear it like it was yesterday)

  31. Life goes, Love stays. Now what??

  32. Two years since I’ve gone outside.

  33. At his daughter’s wedding, he drowned

  34. Understand now the love I had.

  35. I’m so sorry for your loss….

  36. Phone rang, silence……..Die he die?

  37. My Godly son, who saved me.

  38. She said, “See you Monday!”….

  39. Forever repeating, I love you more

  40. Hands touched. Eyes met. Last breath.

  41. He wouldn’t want this much crying

  42. The sky was different that day.

  43. Father, brothers, daughter, son, addiction- deaths

  44. Eleven years, your suicide my death

  45. It’s hard to breathe without you.

  46. My life, my love, my superman.

  47. I will outlive you this year.

  48. Searching for what hides within.

  49. Angry you refused to stop drinking.

  50. Neverending emptiness, pain – crushing my soul.

  51. I am no longer a mother! ?

  52. The letter “Y”, Unanswered, Question, left.

  53. my precious son is gone forever

  54. Oh, Honey, what do I do?

  55. being who now you left me?

  56. Three broken hearts miss you terribly

    You were my one and only???

  57. I want to go with Dad.

  58. last birthday was her last birthday

  59. It goes on… why must I?

  60. Family is gone now…alone sucks.

  61. Crying eyes, as Poe wrote nevermore

  62. House for sale. Never moved in

  63. Doctor: “legally I have the right”.

  64. Ordinary Sunday, except alcohol finally won.

  65. Killing time until time kills me

  66. I am not who I once was. Loved that one!

  67. Suddenly fire was consuming our world.

  68. He loved nature, he loved me.

  69. I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat…

  70. “Survived By” versus “Survivor”… Cancer Sucks…

  71. gretchen greeley watersMarch 17, 2016 at 10:42 amReply

    I thought I would go first

  72. When he left, my world shattered

  73. He made me a better person

  74. Your mom has stage iv colon cancer……

  75. Leon, are you finally at peace?

  76. The words “he’s gone.” World changed.

  77. Must live on – do I care?

  78. Waiting to hear your song always!

  79. One gun, three lives, forever changed.

  80. I keep hoping this is a bad dream

  81. Kevin I promise to not crumble

  82. Precious firstborn son died by suicide.

  83. A father, a son, together forever

  84. Widow, but still in love.

  85. “Live life for both of us”

  86. Heroin: you stole my beloved son.

  87. He lived, he loved, he left.

  88. Love could not heal you…..

  89. He made me want to live…

  90. Two children, now they are gone….

  91. My life ended when his did

  92. Hurts every day – Living without him

  93. Mom and I share a heart

  94. Love, laughter, tears–then came silence .

  95. Our future together…ended that day

  96. He said forever. He was wrong.

  97. My guardian angel. Always and forever.

  98. Nice normal morning. Earth shattering afternoon.

  99. Yesterday a wife, today a widow.

  100. Head against chest until dad’s last breath.

  101. I couldn’t read them all.

  102. Forever my sister, forever my angel!

  103. I love this! It’s amazing the depth of emotion that can be shared with 6 words.

    My six words:
    Her soul paints the sky. Beauty.

    We used this on her urn:
    Strong in love, brave in spirit

  104. Daughter, wife, mother, grandma, greatgrandma, gone.

  105. Never heard the word ‘Mom’ again

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