100 Songs about Grief and Loss: Volume Two

Back in April we posted 64 Songs About Grief and Loss: Volume One. Some songs on our grief mix were WYG picks and some were suggested by you, our readers. After posting the first volume we received tons of song suggestions which told us we clearly needed to make a Volume Two.

If you read WYG with any regularity, you know we (arbitrarily) like our lists to be 64 things long, but we received so many song suggestions we had to make a special exception this time.  As long as I could find a reader’s recommendation on iTunes, I included it (my apologies if I missed any).

I won’t take up too much of your time with talk, but as I was going through these I was really struck by the diverse range of music recommended.  Pop, religious, rock, soul, country, folk; some with vague meanings, some with literal interpretations; and for all different types of loss.  I guess this just reinforces the idea that we’re all unique individuals with personal ideas about what we find comforting in our grief.

Alright I guess I’ll let the music take over from here….

Over You by Miranda Lambert

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Busted Heart by For King and Country

Anchor Me by The Tenors

Someone’s Watching Over Me by Hillary Duff

Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill

The Lord Bless You and Keep You by Westminster Abbey Choir

Landslide by Dixie Chicks

Plus about 90 more…

If you want to see this playlist in text format, click here.

If you’ve looked through both Grief and Loss Volumes and still have a song to recommend, please do!  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to receive posts straight to your e-mail inbox.  

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March 28, 2017

36 responses on "100 Songs about Grief and Loss: Volume Two"

  1. Dancing In The Sky by Dani & Lizzie

  2. My very favorite is this one by Iris DeMent:
    There will be laughter even after you’re gone
    I’ll find reasons to face that empty dawn
    ‘Cause I’ve memorized each line in your face
    And not even death can ever erase the story they tell to me
    I’ll miss you, oh how I’ll miss you
    I’ll dream of you and I’ll cry a million tears
    But the sorrow will pass and the one thing that will last
    Is the love that you’ve given to me

  3. I lost my sister a month ago unexpectedly. Music is what I turn to for every moment in life, and this is no different. My heart is broken without her. A couple of the songs that have gotten me through are:

    Lead Me Home – Jamey Johnson
    You Should Be Here – Cole Swindell

  4. Brother- falling in reverse
    The memory- Mayday parade
    What hurts the most- Rascal Flatts

  5. My brother passed away 4 years ago.I’m still hurting by the fact that I was the last person to see him before he went to his room and have a heart attack. I’ve never told him that I love him. I didn’t say goodbye to him. But I hope he’s in a better place now❤️

  6. Up to where you are by Josh Groban ..was the one we played at my twin grandsons funeral…and my mom The Dance by Garth Brooks

  7. Louise- Bonnie Raitt

  8. Little Boy – Kingston Trio
    Three Stars – Eddie Cochran
    There are others, but I either can’t remember the artist(s) or the correct song name

  9. I would add “the Luckiest” by Ben Folds

  10. My dad died when I was a teen and a lot of the songs for him are on one of these two lists. The songs that get me through my boyfriend’s death that aren’t already on those lists are:

    Vanilla Twilight – Owl City
    Silhouette – Owl City
    Talking to the Moon – Bruno Mars
    Only One – Kanye West (though it’s for his mother)
    See You Again – Carrie Underwood
    See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
    When I Look at You – Miley Cyrus
    War of My Life – John Mayer
    In Repair – John Mayer

    Please don’t judge these…
    I’ll Always Remember You – Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana
    Every Part of Me – Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana
    I Miss You – Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana

    I hope these help someone. I have a lot more, but my iPod is upstairs and it’s 4am, so I had to do this from memory. I have a massive playlist if anyone needs more suggestions. Take care of yourselves.

  11. The songs include some off the beaten track tunes…
    If I have To Go, Tom Waits
    My Least Favorite Life, Lara Lynne
    Underneath The Weeping Willow, Grandaddy
    I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Hank Williams
    The Living, Natalie Merchant


  12. Here is a link to my Google+ page that contains songs that speak to widowhood.
    Tessa <3

  13. This one too is beautiful, Sad Roses by Idan Raichel. The video has a translation.

  14. My Husband passed away unexpectedly at the age of 44 Aug 3rd. He loved grunge and these were not over the top, something he would have like and appropriate. Well maybe he would have preferred we rocked that place out since he was a singer but his friends had a get together afterwards for him (music and all) I know he would have wanted it that way.
    Pearl Jam-Just Breathe
    REM- you are the everything

  15. Pink- Beam Me Up
    Evanescence – My Immortal
    Rascal Flatts- Forever
    Rascal Flatts- Why
    Evanescence – My Heart Is Broken
    We Are The Fallen- The Only One
    Duran Duran – Ordinary World

  16. ‘I Try’ by Macie Gray is really poignant, I feel.

  17. I guess I should have mentioned ‘Brokedown Palace’ was by The Grateful Dead. Sorry!

  18. Nice posts and thoughts from many – as well as many beautiful songs! One I did not see on your list (although the song right before it, from the album ‘American Beauty’ – Ripple) is Brokedown Palace. Sweet, sad, beautiful song!

  19. My mother passed away suddenly June 3rd, 14. She was my world. Not a day goes by that I don’t hurt and cry for her. I planned the funeral. It was the hardest thing in my life to do. I tried to keep things the way my mother would of liked them. She was on 58. Here are the songs we played
    One More Day by Dimond Rio (that was played during her lifeline slide show
    Amazing Grace sang by the little girl. (It was one of her favs but mom was so much like a child. )
    To Make You feel my Love by Adele
    Go Rest High on the Mountain by Vince Gill. I pray you all can find peace

  20. my 29 year old older brother died in 2002-Kite by U2. My husbands best friend died in 2008-apologize by OneRepublic

  21. Spirit Carries On – Dream Theater
    The Best of Times – Dream Theater
    Take away my pain – Dream Theater
    Ne me quitte pas – Jacques Brel
    Save me – Avenged Sevenfold
    Victim – Avenged Sevenfold
    So Far Away – Avenged Sevenfold
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd
    Nobody Home – Pink Floyd
    Remember Tomorrow – Iron Maiden
    Only – Nine Inch Nails
    Time: The Beginning – Megadeth

    This basically my playlist since my brother died last week. It just matches whatever the hell is going on inside my head. Hope it helps.

  22. Let it Hurt by Rascal Flatts

  23. Avril Lavigne- Slipped Away, one of the best ones I’ve heard recently, and i don’t usually like her stuff. I don’t know if this song is here but I didn’t see it so I thought I’d add it.

  24. Afire Love – Ed Sheeran
    You wouldn’t cry for me today – Mandisa
    6 Weeks – James Morrison
    Oceans (Where my feet may fail) – Hillsong

    Perfect World – Simple Plan

  25. Message In A Bottle – the Police
    Through Glass – Stone Sour
    castle of Glass – Linkin Park

  26. From Here to the Moon and Back – Dolly Parton w/Kris Kristofferson

  27. An old country song, sung by Vern Gosdin and also Randy Travis, I believe it may have been written by George Jones, Chiseled in Stone is my current favorite.

  28. Great list….thanks ! Heard an amazing song a few days ago by Mindy Smith called “One Moment More”. For your next list…. Also want to thank you two for all you do for us here at WYG. This site has been a daily ‘go to’ for me in these first 7 months since the love of my life died. You have helped through the tough times more than you can know.

    • Oh thank you so much! You really have no idea how much your positive feedback means to us. We write this blog as a hobby and often question ourselves so your comment is really meaningful to us. Thank you for the song suggestions and we will definitely add them to the list for Volume 3.

  29. 1. Even the Best of Friends – Randy Stonehill
    2. I Will Remember You – Amy Grant
    3. Willie by Doug Howell
    4. Your Wildest Dreams – Moody Blues
    5. Pieces of April – Three Dog Night
    6. Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

  30. These ARE good. Where do we find the other 90 or so?

    • Hey John,

      Right below the videos and where it says there are another 90 or so you should see an iTunes playlist. You may have to wait a few moments for it to load.


  31. So when I close friend died when I was 19 my songs were “It Was Almost Like a Song” and “When You Remember Me” along with several others. I still have a hard time listening to “Seasons in the Sun” and “Vincent” has come to mind with several recent acquaintances. With my mom my songs have been “I’ll Fly Away” (last one I sang to her) and “Edge of the Moon” from Celtic Thunder. I probably have my own very long list of grief songs because there are quite a few that make me cry!

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