Participants of this eCourse should be ready to journal, but they should also be prepared to learn, explore, and reflect on their grief and grief-related experiences.

Participants will be provided with 30 days worth of journaling prompts. Though journaling prompts are simple by nature, those included in this course have been designed around psychological perspectives, coping technics, and themes common to the grief experience. For 15 out of the 30 days, journaling prompts will be accompanied by comprehensive lessons.

General concepts covered in this course include: Grief 101; Managing difficult emotions while writing/journaling; Continuing bonds; Guilt and regret; Forgiveness; Loneliness and isolation; Gratitude

Length of this course: Participants will be provided with 30 days worth of journal prompts. However, this course is self-guided and participants are encouraged to progress through the course at whatever pace feels comfortable.

Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in using journaling as a tool for coping with grief.

Technology Requirement:

Participants should have regular access to a computer with Internet connection.

More about this course…

What’s this course all about?

Journaling can be an amazing coping tool for processing grief related thoughts, emotions, and experiences, but finding the time and motivation to sit down and write can be difficult (especially when you’re grieving). In this grief journaling intensive we will immerse you in the grief journaling process by providing lessons about grief, daily motivation to write, and tips for success.

How does this course work?

This course is self-guided, which means that it is 100% independent and self-paced. Although the intent is for participants to complete one journaling prompt a day, you are free to navigate through the course as quickly or as slowly as you like.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions in the discussion area at the bottom of each lesson. You can also send a private message to the course instructor at any time.  

What if I’m not a writer?

That’s okay! The only requirement for this course is that you have a desire to explore journaling and the written word as a coping tool for processing, understanding, and expressing your grief.

Course Curriculum

Grief Journaling Intensive:
Grief Journaling Intensive Guidelines 00:00:00
Day One: Getting Started 00:00:00
Day Two: Your Loved One 00:00:00
Day Three: Grief 101 00:00:00
Day Four: Found Poems 00:00:00
Day Five: When Writing Hurts 00:00:00
Day Six: Dear person who doesn’t get my grief… 00:00:00
Day Seven: What would your loved one want? 00:00:00
Day Eight: Why write? 00:00:00
Day Nine: Moving forward 00:00:00
Day Ten: Continuing bonds 00:00:00
Day Eleven: Legacy 00:00:00
Day Twelve: Guilt and Regret 00:00:00
Day Thirteen: Love your regret 00:00:00
Day Fourteen: Forgiveness 00:00:00
Day Fifteen: Letter from your loved one 00:00:00
Day Sixteen: Loneliness and Isolation 00:00:00
Day Seventeen: What you’ve missed 00:00:00
Day Eighteen: Support Systems 00:00:00
Day Nineteen: Six Word Story 00:00:00
Day Twenty: Thoughts and Emotions 00:00:00
Day Twenty-One: Your choice 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Two: Confirmation Bias 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Three: Dear Friend 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Four: Gratitude 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Five: Conceptualizing Progress 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Six: Behavioral Activation 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Seven: Continuing Bonds Bucket List 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Eight: #WouldHaveLovedThis 00:00:00
Day Twenty-Nine: All kinds of coping 00:00:00
Day Thirty: Your own prompts 00:00:00

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